Loop One is done!

Boom. That was easy. Here’s a couple fun facts and local recommendations:

Goodies is a phenomenal local haunt – completely renovated by the owner, Brandon. You can learn more about the place here. While you read, go grab a treat… they are AMAZING. Take an Instagram photo. You know you want to.

You can also find two other fantastic desserts on this street. It’s the triad of delicacies 🙂 Casa Rosada has simply fantastic Gelato. Sometimes their Gelato has wine in it. Two things Alexandria loves – wine and gelato.

And then there’s chocolate. You need to grab a small chocolate from Fleurir Chocolates. They are simply world renown. Don’t miss out on this.


Each router has a service set identifier – which is the name of your wireless network. They are correlated to MAC addresses (which look like this: 3D:5A:3B:52:11:E1). The first six characters are called an OUI, which are unique to the manufacturer. The last six are unique to the device. Together – the MAC address should be unique.

You might be able to find your home network on this site: Wigle.

Let’s get moving on to loop two.

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