Loop One

We would like to formally congratulate you for beginning the Seeker in Old Town Alexandria. We hope you enjoy the journey.

Your first challenge awaits you at the intersection of Commerce and Payne. Once you are there, open your wireless internet options on your personal device and search for Wireless SSIDs – these are names of wireless networks. You will know it when you see it!


Hey! You got it! That wasn’t too bad was it?   Let’s move on to Loop 2 – click here to get our recommendation for Loop 1, and the challenge for Loop 2.

Oh – no. That wasn’t it. Refresh the page and try again. It’s there – we promise. You can do this.


You like adventure after all!

#1. The name of the wireless network is:


Note that some displays have difficulty seeing the link unlocked when you successfully answer the question. It is there, in white, you just have to look for it 🙂

If you got it wrong, then you’ll need to refresh and try again.