Seeker is an adventure led by locals to let you explore different places in a city while you accomplish certain tasks, solve certain problems, and explore a city in a fun kind of way.

This particular Seeker focuses on good eats and drinks around Old Town. Since most bars are also restaurants here in Old Town – anyone can do this one.

We estimate it can take you around an hour and a half, maybe two if you take time to enjoy each spot.

The tasks aren’t nearly impossible – but you may need to be clever in figuring things out if they are unfamiliar to you. The point is to have fun!

Some loops will ask you to discover unique aspects of a restaurant, others may have you interact with staff to learn something of the place. All of them are solvable by you – we promise 🙂

At the end of each accomplishment, we’ll give you a local recommendation, and the option to continue on with the next loop.

If you are interested, let’s get started!